Warehousing & Storage Introduction

As a logistics supply chain director, we are situated at strategic inland terminals from where deliveries can be made within 24 hours to the most important European consumer concentrations. We offer 200,000 m2 of centrally located, advanced dedicated or public warehouse facilities under customs control. All these warehouse facilities meet the most modern requirements relating to health and safety, security and AEO, and are spatially flexible. In this way, we offer tailor-made solutions for your organisation.

Knowledge and facilities

Swift Global Deliveries’ scale enables us to take innovative and decisive action to develop and implement the most suitable service portfolio for your organization. For this purpose, we have an IT & logistical engineering department. Our warehouse processes focus on goods intakes, AEO-certified customs services, quality controls, stock management, e-commerce order fulfilment and customer-specific product management. Data exchange is preferably digital.

Flexible labor pool

Seasonal influences, rapidly expanding markets and sensitivity to economic cycles: your organisation never stands still. For those focusing on cost management and quality, the flexible deployment of the right staff and equipment is crucial. We position our well-trained, qualified and flexible labour pool in those positions where they have the greatest benefit for you. Seacon has its own large flexible labour pool. We have excellent relationships with secondment firms, temporary employment agencies and sheltered workshops.