Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Swift Global Deliveries.

Logistics management is a function where a company usually consisting of various shipping and distribution professionals provide services to analyze a company’s supply chain, offer carrier and service options, and provide continued management of all or some areas of a customer’s transportation needs.

No, we do not charge for our initial analysis. There is absolutely nothing to lose by having our expert logistics professionals review your shipping and distribution spend and profile. In most cases we are compensated by our providers should you utilize our services.

We offer services for international and domestic freight, LCL shipping, FCL shipping solutions, freight and parcel audit and reporting, and overall supply chain management.

Yes, we love working with small and emerging companies. Swift Global Deliveries provides the expertise and support to help your company scale.

Pretty much any size you have! We can handle individual cartons, palletized items, and large, bulky items up to 20,000 lbs per piece-plus everything in between. Our terminals are equipped for flatrack/flatbed loading and oversized freight. We can accommodate special freight needs by utilizing equipment rentals.

We measure the length, width, and height of the shipment and calculate the cubic feet of space that the shipment takes up in the container.

Yes. All of our associates have been fully trained and are certified in the handling of hazardous material. We take the handling of hazardous materials very seriously and are completely certified to transport freight of this nature. At this time, we do not handle Class 1 explosives. If you are shipping hazardous materials, you must include a copy of the MSDS with the shipment at the time of delivery. The freight must be properly packaged and labeled to meet all regulations. All hazardous items must be itemized to include:

Shipper’s Name
Shipper’s Emergency contact name & phone number
Emergency Contact file number or name
UN Number
IMO Proper shipping name
Hazardous Class
Packaging Group (if applicable)
Quantity and packaging type
Cubic feet
Flash Point (if applicable)

Yes! We offer standard storage fees and variable storage fees, (only pay for what you use), but we can negotiate storage costs to fit your budget. Our warehouses are highly secure, equipped with state of the art camera systems and alarms. Our facilities are monitored both on site and remotely. We also offer a full services WMS (warehouse management system).